A beautiful Earth, for the children of the future

In recent years, the changes brought on by this hectic age, together with economic and technological development, has given us lifestyles of convenience and abundance.
However, on the other hand, an overflowing output of waste and garbage is increasing year by year. The air, water and soil pollution caused by such business activities is a serious environmental issue. Moreover, due to a decline in disposal facilities, illegal dumping is multiplying, and becoming a great social problem.

Furthermore, abnormal weather caused by global warming, and disorder in the ecosystem are having a large effect on people's livelihoods and food supplies. An upsurge in the public's awareness of environmental conservation has led to much more attention being given to waste treatment and disposal.

Since the establishment of this company, beginning with disposal of construction waste, we have expanded into the handling of manufacturing, factory and industrial waste, as well as general waste from universities, schools and shops. Through the promotion of recycling, we also strive to tackle environmental problems.

With our experience and know-how, we are working hard to make use of recyclable products wherever possible. We believe that protecting limited resources, reducing waste, and reusing where possible, are the first steps to protecting the environment.

In this way, we promote the formation of a recycling-oriented society, and strive to meet the obligations of corporate social responsibility. From the bottom of our hearts, we humbly ask for everyone's support.

For the children of the future... for the sake of our beautiful Earth. Mr. Kazuo Fukazawa (Chairman)